Reframing Studio

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shaping society

Blending human understanding, curiosity and strategic instinct we collaborate with organizations to design meaningful products, services and policies that act upon a future world ›› read more

featured stories

A guidebook for information in railway stations
Information in railway station plays a vital role for passengers and other users.  When designed well, this information enables travellers to... ›› read more
An app to help people cope with ‘hearing voices’
Reframing Studio is currently involved in a design project for Parnassia Groep to help people recover from psychosis. Temstem is one of the three... ›› read more
redefining social organizations
Current developments in the social realm force many social organizations to redefine their position. For the organization ‘Social Support... ›› read more
De internationale jury heeft de ‘temstem’-app van Reframing Studio en Parnassia Groep unaniem gekozen als winnaar van de Rotterdam designprijs... ›› read more
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