articles | Tuesday, October 2, 2012
Leading Turkish architectural magazine XXI showcased the Easy Walker June case in their August... ›› read more
events | Wednesday, September 5, 2012
From the TEDxDELFT website : Nynke Tromp works as a design researcher at the department of Industrial Design, Delft University of Technology and... ›› read more
events | Friday, August 24, 2012
Maandag 3 september 2012 in LantarenVenster: K o p f k i n o wordt Matthijs van Dijk ondervraagd door Leon van Geest. Zaal open 19.00 u Start... ›› read more
blog | Thursday, July 12, 2012
Skolkovo has been a magic word at KVD for some time now but most people have not heard of it before. That may change now that Viktor Vekselberg has... ›› read more
blog | Sunday, July 8, 2012
Lava's Menno Cruijsen and Johan Nijhoff in the blinded limo with KVD's Rachel O' Reilly, Yulia Kryazheva as seen through Gijs Ockeloen's Iphone... ›› read more
blog | Monday, July 2, 2012
The three of us will be locked up the entire week in a conference resort outside Moscow and interact with 100 students coming from universities in... ›› read more
blog | Tuesday, June 12, 2012
KVD reframing will deliver a one week workshop during OpUS Open University Summer School in Moscow. Nynke Tromp and Gijs Ockeloen interviewed OpUS... ›› read more
blog | Monday, May 7, 2012
Renske Solkesz (1982) finished her master’s degree in product design from the Delft University of Technology in 2008, where she graduated cum... ›› read more
blog | Friday, April 20, 2012
Een dikke tien jaar geleden besloot de, als ontwerper opgeleide, Sietske Klooster het ‘lijfelijke’ écht deel te laten gaan zijn van haar... ›› read more
press | Friday, April 20, 2012
KVD participates in the NWxSE alliance of creative enterprises that aimes at opportunities in Turkey. We attended a very inspiring and fertile... ›› read more