Sharing Urban Mobility

Exploring the city with familiar strangers

As cities become larger and their centres more dense, personal mobility is increasingly under pressure. Furthermore segregation between different populations and a growing complexity of daily life undermine the bonding between people and their city.


How can personal transport play a role in creating a feeling of community in the segregated and complex urban environment of 2025?

The challenge was to create a service balancing two aims that are usually opposing each other: First, providing personal freedom of mobilty, a personal platform to discover the city, and second: respecting and increasing coherence between inhabitants and pedestrians. In other words, the aim was to ‘create a feeling of synergy between the drivers and the city and in doing so, being beneficial for the collective’.


This project was executed as a Master Thesis project at Delft Univerity of Technology. Erik Kieskamp worked at the Pininfarina studios providing him with deep insight in future urban mobility, car design and technologic aspects.

Project kick-off: 
November 2011
Project delivered: 
October 2011
Product Design
Project size: 
Project developers: 
Erik Kieskamp

The outcome featured a system that offers small shared vehicles to its users. The cars are versatile and fit the demands of 'innercity sharing'. People can hire and share their ride with other socially openminded people that want to travel along. On the way the vehicles displays relevant information specific to the travel goals and personality of the user. The information is naturally displayed by the car architecture. For that purpose applicable components such as windows double as information displays.

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