Established in 1975, Nucletron is the knowledge-driven leader in radiation oncology committed to developing solutions focused on improving patient care.  Specializing in the development, manufacture, sales, service and support of the world's most innovative cancer treatment products, Nucletron actively partners with its customers to provide the most effective and efficient patient care options.

Nucletron also provides continuity of support throughout the life of the company's solutions in order to keep operating costs to a minimum, without compromising patient care.  All Nucletron solutions are designed to grow and change to consistently meet evolving clinical needs. Nucletron continuously invests in innovative research and development to create products that improve patients’ quality of care. This approach has made it possible to successfully treat body-site specific cancer, including gynecologic, breast, prostate, head and neck, skin surface, lung, and esophagus.

Critical to Nucletron is the establishment of close working relationships with each individual clinical team.  Many Nucletron employees have years of clinical experience delivering oncology care, providing an in-depth understanding of the complex needs of clinicians.  This knowledge allows Nucletron to help its customers optimize the use of existing equipment, improve outcomes, control costs and manage resources.

Nucletron’s commitment to innovation is demonstrated by its ability to provide complete solutions. The company offers comprehensive products and services based around the following areas:

• Consultancy
• Imaging
• Treatment Planning
• Treatment Delivery
• Service, support , training and education

Each Nucletron system has the added advantage of working seamlessly with existing products, offering enhanced system integration with full connectivity through DICOM compliance.  Flexibility and open systems are important keys to optimizing clinical resources.
Headquartered in the Netherlands, Nucletron has offices in 16 countries and delivers tailored services and solutions to more than 3,000 institutions within 120 countries.

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