In 2009, the Healthcare business accounted for nearly 33 percent of Philips’ overall sales, the company’s second largest contributor to sales.

Sales & service operations:

In more than 63 countries with more than 6,000 service technicians
Development and manufacturing sites:

The Netherlands: Best and Heerlen. Germany: Hamburg and Böblingen. Finland: Helsinki. Israel: Haifa. China: Shenzhen. Brazil: Minas Gerais and São Paulo. USA: Bothell and Seattle, Washington; Murrysville, Reedsville and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Andover and Framingham, Massachusetts; Latham, New York; Milpitas, Oxnard and Brisbane, California; Cleveland, Ohio; Chicago, Illinois; Madison and Pewaukee, Wisconsin; and Gainesville, Melbourne and Orlando, Florida.
Research & Development:

At 22 Philips sites and more than 40 medical and technical institutions worldwide.

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