Strukton supplies total concepts in the field of infrastructure and accommodation. The focus is on mobility, interchanges and ongoing operation. When carrying out projects we always keep our ultimate goal in mind: ensuring that people are able to travel, live, work, study and enjoy their leisure in comfort. In our work, economic return carries equal weight with sustainable solutions.

Strukton consists of five operating companies that work alongside each other:

Strukton Integrale Projecten is active in the growing market of public-private partnerships (PPP) in the Netherlands and across Europe. The projects range from housing, infrastructure and (light) rail to education and health care. Strukton Integrale Projecten runs the entire operation from the design stage to maintaining the completed project.

Strukton Rail ensures that the railways in the Netherlands and a number of other European countries are fully operational, reliable, safe and quantifiable. Everything depends on a well-functioning rail system in which faults are traced before they arise

Strukton Civiel develops, builds and maintains infrastructure projects. Strukton Civiel consists of 18 specialist company subdivisions that collaborate on large, complex projects in the international market.

Strukton Bouw   operates in all phases of the construction process, from initiation, through development and implementation up to and including maintenance. 

Strukton Worksphere is involved in the installation, management, service, maintenance and operation of buildings. Strukton Worksphere aims to create safe and durable working and living environments where people using them feel comfortable and achieve better results.

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