This is how to merge beauty and performance into a design that in essence expresses honesty: The Dallara Stradale! is here!

Granstudio styled the first-ever road car of the world famous Italian racecar builders Dallara.On November 16 2017 at the Fabbrica Dallara in Varano de Melegari in Italy, Dallara launched its first ever road car, the Dallara Stradale. Granstudio was enrolled as creative partner and styled the car’s entire exterior and interior under the design mastery of the studio's creative director, and co-partner, Lowie Vermeersch.The Dallara Stradale is a dream come true for Giampaolo Dallara, the legendary racecar engineer behind the build of iconic Italian motors such as the Lamborghini Miura, and the first road-legal sportscar of his exceptional career. Dallara Stradale is a perfect combination of engineering genius and the latest in automotive design innovation.  In line with Granstudio's belief that driving should be an enjoyable experience and cars should be designed to that purpose the Dallara Stradale delivers the ultimate driving experience. Lowie Vermeersch, who designed the car with Giovanni Piccardo, said about the project:'Designing the Dallara Stradale was really like transforming the dream of Giampaolo Dallara to make his own road car into a sculpture. It was a dream that was rooted in the timeless beauty of his Miura and fuelled by a long career full of passion for the race. So we avoided to impose a pre-conceived and fixed idea of the styling, but we allowed its shape to stylistically evolve during the process in a continuous interaction with Dallara’s engineers.'The Dallara Stradale is characterized by its aerodynamic design as it is shaped to be as pure and essential as the car's performance.  'We wanted to merge beauty and performance into a design that in essence expresses honesty. And in doing so the styling is not only the translation of a dream but also an expression of what we consider a core value of Dallara',  says Lowie. The Dallara Stradale not only focusses on performance but also on the emotional connection it creates with its driver and in the eyes of the beholder. It is therefore no coincidence that the design not only evokes the spirit of the single seater racecars Dallara is famous for, but also recalls the essence and sensuality of the archetypical Italian sportscars.  The result is a modern sportscar that is at home on a racetrack, but that also lends itself perfectly for a leisurely ride in the hills of Dallara's Italian hometown, or a coastal drive out for a lunch in the sun. This car is about rediscovering the pleasure of driving in its purest form, complementary to our daily commuting that needs to evolve towards even more efficient transportation solutions. The Dallara Stradale marries Granstudio's vision that the future of car design will be about vehicles that have a specific use, and how users decide to integrate that usage into their lifestyles. A true lightweight car, the Dallara Stradale has no doors, but can be effortlessly accessed by stepping over the body of the car. The cabin is set within a teardrop shape on top of which the windshield and doors can be mounted, thus creating a coupe version. The door opening system with central hinges creates a very round and aerodynamic shape, and gives great visibility and an inclusive driving experience.    The L shaped headlights enable efficiency in the off-the-shelf components in such a way that the airflows towards the special air intakes are not disturbed. Below the headlamps, and on both sides of the central air intake, there are 2 small additional air intakes. Combined with the dramatic air outlet behind the front wheel they allow to increase the downforce effect in the front part of the car. Towards the rear the shapes are shrink wrapped around the organs and engine of the car, minimalizing the frontal area and contributing to the excellent aerodynamic efficiency of the car. A small luggage compartment is accessible behind the engine. The rear design is further characterized by a typical 'coda tronca' design, only visually interrupted by the movement of the rear lights. Inside the experience continues as the interior design is in line with the whole design philosophy of the project: simple, honest and purposeful.The design of the interior is in perfect harmony with the exterior, and in complete harmony with the human body.  In fact the interior is conceived to maximize the physical contact between the driver and the vehicle, strengthening the driver's rapport with the car and the pleasure of driving.  The result is an interior that is mainly formed by the carbon fibre chassis tub, in addition to which padding is added that supports the body all around: seat, back, head and legs. The supports are also creating a generous lateral surface to give comfort to the body when driving at high speeds around bends.The back support can be conveniently removed to create storage space for personal belongings, such as a helmet.  The dashboard is reduced to its essence: all commands are centered around the driver, enabling full control without taking your eyes of the road. When mounting the windscreen, a special control panel cover is provided with integrated additional commands for the windscreen wipers. The Dallara Stradale is a work of excellence that pushes the boundaries of automotive design and delivers both an emotional and physical driving experience. During the unveiling the first of 600 cars to be built were handed over to the owners. The car will be released in 9 colours, including carbon look options. Custom colours will be available upon request. 


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