Delft University of Technology

Delft University of Technology is the largest and oldest Dutch public technical university, located in Delft, Netherlands. The university supplies a large number of Reframing Studio staff.



Reframing Studio and Gran Studio align

Formalizing our special structural and workflow relation with Turin-based design and mobility experts, Granstudio, we strengthen a partnership of complimentary expertise and perspective. For both our companies experience is key, and strong, research-forward concepting is pivotal. Gran Studio, one of the most esteemed automotive design studios in Italy, bring to the table highest level concepting of beautiful designs, skillfully engineered into realistic final products that matter.

CRISP #1 is out!

Download the article by Gijs Ockeloen or view the first 5 pages of the magazine. Supposedly copies can be ordered somewhere but fails to communicate how and where...Anyway, this is what I wrote


Zoutboek on TV

TV doctor Ted van Essen elaborates on KVD's designed 'ZOUTBOEK' ('Tijd voor MAX' - Tuesday 2nd apr 2013 starting at 34:44).

Automotive professor Van Dijk interviewed by Autovisie

Twee pakkende quotes uit het interview dat Wim Oude Weernink had met Matthijs van Dijk: 'Wanneer Duitsers hip gaan doen met design, loopt het fout' en 'Ik ben niet de godfather van Nederlands autodesign, noem me maar voorzitter van de raad van godfathers'

Autovisie 22, oktober 2012

Smashing Closing benediction Nynke Tromp TEDxDELFT

What a success! Check out the stream of enthousiastics Tweets @rdsgnngpolitics or Youtube

Performer: Nynke Tromp

From the TEDxDELFT website :

Nynke Tromp works as a design researcher at the department of Industrial Design, Delft University of Technology and social designer at KVD reframing in Amsterdam. In both positions, she works on the social implications of design. Nynke is also member of ‘Redesigning Politics’, a creative think tank aiming for redesigning thinking, institutes, structures and interaction in the field of politics.

How Nynke Tromp will enrich the Design profession

Gijs Ockeloen interviewt KVD's nieuwe ontwerper Nynke Tromp:

Wat staat er op je Business Card?

ir. Nynke Tromp: Social Designer.

Social dat een ondersoort, een afsplitsing of een evolutionaire ontwikkeling van de oer-Industrial Designer?

Een verzamelnaam voor alle ontwerpers die geïnteresseerd zijn in wat er gebeurt als ze ontwerpmethoden en -technieken toepassen op het sociaal maatschappelijke domein.


Just been informed that KVD designed Easy Walker JUNE wins the prestigious BABY INNOVATION AWARD! stay tuned for a full update. Meanwhile check their website


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