Nynke Tromp

social designer

Nynke Tromp graduated cum laude at Industrial Design Engineering, Delft University of Technology in 2007. In her final project she explored the possible contributions of a designer to increase the social cohesion in a neighbourhood.

Since 2008 she is working on a PhD project at the same faculty to investigate the role of design in changing behaviour. Based on the fact that all social issues (e.g., immigration, obesity, crime, unemployment) require behaviour change to get resolved, her idea to design products and services to initiate social change is investigated further. In this research, she carried out projects for housing corporation Vestia and the Dutch police. She is currently finishing her dissertation. Read the article Nynke recently published with Paul Hekkert: A Clash of Concerns

At KVD she found the support to put this knowledge into practice. She works with ambition and idealism, though with a fine sense of realism and eye for feasibility.

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