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Supporting people finding a suitable activity to engage in during recovery

Recovering and rehabilitating after an addiction or a mental illness is an intensive process both mentally and physically. A rollercoaster ride with many ups and downs, having an immense effect on your daily routine, your social life as well as your future prospects. Engaging in meaningful daily activities works as a catalyst in the process of recovery. Mental health care institutions and social organizations offer a broad range of such 'activations' that people in recovery can attend.

There is no shortage in activating activities but the amount of people attending is disappointing, which is why Reframing Studio was challenged by Pink Donut to develop a vision on the meaning of ‘activation’, followed by a series of concepts that would adress the true concerns of people in recovery.

'Elevates the meaning of care: a meaningful and easy way to get in touch with each other'
User panel participant

Goede Buur
 (Good Neighbour)is a platform that connects the skills, talents and qualities of a client to the needs of a neighbor.

Strippenkaart (stampcard) is an online tool that facilitates the client's journey in search for a suitable and meaningful activity, like a treasure hunt. 

De opstarter (starter kit) is a collection of tools that empower clients to start their own business. 

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June 2015
Project delivered: 
October 2015
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Arjen Oenema
Beatrijs Voorneman
Lotte Jacobse
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