Bicycle parking facilities

Reframing indoor bicycle parking facilities at Dutch train stations

Chaos caused by overflowing bike racks around Dutch train stations is a big problem. Around half a million people in the Netherlands cycle to their local train station each day, amounting to about 40 per cent of all train passengers. To solve this problem NS and ProRail are developing free, guarded bike parks at main railway stations. Reframing Studio designed the new service concept, identity and interior design of these new bike parks.  

"Het lichtpuntje in dat omvangrijke stationsgebied van Utrecht is verrassenderwijs slechts een fietsenstalling." (De Volkskrant, July 14th 2014)

How to solve bicycle parking problems in densely populated inner cities?

Reframing Studio created a new identity and service concept for the bicycle parking facilities around train stations. The core of this new concept is to create a strong link between the train station and the local environment. The identity is therefore closely tied to the identity of the train station. In this way the bicycle parks at train stations will be more uniform. The local identity is reflected in a skyline of the city where the bike park is located.

The first pilot location is Utrecht Jaarbeursplein. This new bicycle park can accommodate 4,200 bicycles and parking is free for the first 24 hours. Check-in and check-out times are registred with the ubiqutous OV-chipkaart, the single prepaid card that is used for all means of transport in the Netherlands. You check-in your bike by swiping your card are the check-in panel at the entrance.  The check-out is supervised by an attendant with a scanner to discourage theft. 

Reframing Studio is currently designing a toolkit of interior and communication elements. This toolkit will be described in a manual that can be used to renew all NS bike parks.


Architecture: Kraaijvanger

Wayfinding: Bureau Mijksenaar

Project kick-off: 
July 2013
Project delivered: 
May 2014
Product Design
Service Design
Graphic Design
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Beatrijs Voorneman
Erik Kieskamp
Femke de Boer
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Public transport
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