Black Spot mirror

Tackle the issue of black spots

Black spot accidents are a sad reality in situations where cyclists and truck drivers meet. In order to decrease the number of casualties involved, the city of  Amsterdam has introduced the installation of 100 Black Spot mirrors. Next to the Black Spot mirror Reframing Studio also designed workshops where mirrors fixed on trucks can be adjusted

How can we increase consciousness of the limited sight of trucks drivers?

 Fatal accidents between cyclists and trucks turning right occur every year in Amsterdam. The obligation of black spot mirrors on trucks introduced in 2002 proved to be successful only temporarily. After some years the number of accidents was back to the level before the introduction. One reason for this was that black spot mirrors were not obligatory for buses and vans. That is why Amsterdam introduced traffic mirrors integrated into traffic lights: the Black Spot Mirror. It is a supplement to mirror mounted on trucks. The mirror offers cyclists an image on what is going on in front and on the right of the truck cabin. But the mirror also functions as a reminder: Watch out… this is a black spot!

Project kick-off: 
January 2012
Project delivered: 
January 2012
Product Design
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Gijs Ockeloen
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