Design Guide for Bicycle Parking Facilities

a step-by-step guidebook to define space layout and interior elements

Bicycle parking facilities are never alike, making it challenging to offer travellers a consistent and recognisable bicycle parking experience. Many railway stations are being renovated or rebuilt and, in most cases, facilities to park bicycles are integrated to enable the ease of cycling to and from the train. 

Reframing Studio created a step-by-step 'design guide' for bicycle parking facilities in railway stations, to make sure that the lay-out of the space will conform with the expectations of travellers, and interior elements facilitate a fluent and welcoming service experience. 

The design guide describes a couple of basic steps towards the intended bicycle parking experience: the available space is organised into touchpoints: moments in the parking process where travellers feel a need for certain information. Touchpoints are formed into ‘mental maps’ that describe the flow of information incoming and outgoing travellers expect along their journey. Subsequently the architect can select the interior elements, that fit the specific location, to be placed around these touchpoints.

Project kick-off: 
February 2015
Project delivered: 
December 2015
Service Design
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Project developers: 
Arjen Oenema
Emilie Tromp
Erik Kieskamp
Mother project: 
Service design
Interaction design
Product design
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