Mobility Across Life Events

Vision on mobility and strategic roadmap towards 2020

How to best tailor to the overall mobility needs of people, in order to become the leading European provider of car leasing and mobility services. That was the question at the heart of this strategic project, guiding the innovation strategy for the short to mid term future of Athlon, international provider of car leasing and mobility solutions.

Based on an extensive analysis of the future context of mobility, Reframing Studio together with Athlon have developed nine opportunities for future value propositions for Athlon, to illustrate the strategic directions of innovation that answer the mobility needs of people in 2020. Using these future value propositions as examples of the required service level, the critical organisational capabilities were uncovered to be able to deliver these value propositions. This analysis has enabled the design of an innovation roadmap to realise Athlon's ambition towards 2020.

This framework and roadmap for innovation forms the basis for a European alignment of product development and a structured Europe wide market approach by Athlon regarding their mobility propositions.

Project kick-off: 
October 2014
Project delivered: 
May 2015
Service Design
Framework Development
Project size: 
Project developers: 
Arjen Oenema
Femke de Boer
Ingrid Fløgstad
Matthijs van Dijk
Menno Manschot
Financial services
Service design
Innovation strategy
Business development
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