reframing the crew centre

11 steps for flight crews to transform into KLM’s star performers


How to reorganise the crew centre building to facilitate flight preparation, team building; immersing and winding down?

Imagine starting work in a new team everyday, performing great services, leaving behind your everyday pleasures, sorrows and family. Flight Crews (flight attendants and cockpit crew) face the everyday challenge to distance themselves from their home situation and to transform into one of KLM’s most important assets: the team on board delivering the perfect KLM service.

A study for KLM supported by innovation platform CRISP:

Royal Dutch Airways KLM asked Reframing Studio to develop a vision for their Crew Centre in the year 2020, to realize a fluent transformation and transfer. Reframing Studio developed a framework in 11 steps and an interior lay-out for the Schiphol Crew Centre to facilitate the process of transformation.

The steps towards the flight concern distancing from daily life; identification with KLM and feeling part of a bigger picture; the team building process; task goals and learning; maintaining the flow to get on stage. After the flight the steps focus on evaluation and sharing; saying goodbyes and contemplating the next steps forward. 

KLM wants to improve their services by giving the flight crews the best preparation for the flight. After all, the flight attendants and cockpit crews are KLM’s star performers in the eyes of the customer. In order to do so the idea was suggested to reorganise the future crew centre building to facilitate a more fluent transformation and transfer.

Based on interviews and workshops with flight attendants and cockpit crews we developed a framework of steps towards the flight in three phases: ‘First things first’ practical and urgent personal preparations; ‘Immersing’ socialising with the new team, opening up to the bigger picture of the KLM brand and team building; and finally ‘Home-coming’ a positive round-up of the teamwork and evaluation. In total, the framework involves 11 steps of preparation and winding down on three levels: the individual, the team and the brand KLM. These steps were mapped onto the crew centre building to design the optimal flow and transfer.

The Crew Centre 2020 vision is meant to serve as a dot on the horizon, a long-term ideal which can be implemented strategically in small incremental steps.


The Crew Centre 2020 vision will help KLM to focus and to prioritise the development of certain areas in the crew centre building for future development.

Project kick-off: 
November 2013
Project delivered: 
August 2014
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Airport Services
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Emilie Tromp
Erik Kieskamp
Matthijs van Dijk
Michiel Boonacker
Roald Hoope
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