reframing emotion recognition

A tool for teachers to train the interpretation of Emotions

Recognizing correct emotions in facial expressions is a crucial skill in social interactions, both in professional, as well as in more intimate private contexts. Although we observe emotions on people’s faces on a daily basis, not everyone is good at it. This may lead to awkward interactions or misunderstandings. Because research has shown that characteristic facial expressions are often associated with specific emotions, it should be possible to train the recognition of correct emotions.

Together with the University of Amsterdam, we created Emoreco: a smartphone application that can be used to test how good you are in distinguishing an enraged from a frigthened person. The app starts with simple very prototypical emotions, but also includes subtle emotions that are more difficult to recognize.

The department of psychology of the University of Amsterdam (UVA) is famous for its research on emotions ( Professor Nico Frijda has inspired a generation of emtion researchers worldwide. Currently at the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, Social Psychology professor Agneta Fischer leads a group of emotion researchers  who conduct research on emotions and emotion recognition. The Emoreco is used in a study with Sindy Sumter and Francine Jellesma on the empathic skills of primary school teachers, who deal with a variety of emotions in the classroom. They currently examine the effects of this Emoreco training on the emotion recognition skills of these teachers.  


All the pictures in the app are made by the talented Ines Beeftink at NEMO.

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January 2015
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June 2015
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