reframing sex education

E-health interventions for adolescents with learning difficulties


What is the meaning of sex, within our society? 

Within the Dutch society we are constantly confronted with sex: advertisement of poorly dressed men and women, sex in movies and TV-series, sex and porn spam on social media. The image we have of sex, how we should have sex and who should (not) have sex, is strongly influenced by these media. 
Sometimes, this is the only image people have. For example when nobody has ever told or showed you what sex is or can be all about. This is the case for most adolescents with a mental disability, a group for whom sex is still a taboo. Social interactions with other people are more difficult to interpret for this group, as well as communicating personal boundaries and overseeing the consequences of their actions. This makes these adolescents more vulnerable when it comes to sex. 
Sense, a Dutch centre for sex and health, asked E-hulp and Reframing Studio to develop e-health interventions that prepare and educate adolescents concerning sex in a positive way in order to make them less vulnerable for unintended misunderstandings and abuse. 
During the research phase of this project we involved a diverse group of people. We worked with, among others, a sexologist, a correspondent on sex in our society, several adolescents with a mental disability and their caregivers. All individuals with a different view on sexuality in our society. Together with other sources (e.g. articles, documentaries, literature) a vision was created, exposing future behavior of adolescents with a mental disability when it comes to sex. Out of seven ideas two concepts were chosen, further detailed and tested with the adolescents and their caregivers. 

Sexy Lexy 
Sexy Lexy is a sex game through which adolescents can practice with sex and all social interactions involved. From flirting, to kissing, to sharing personal photo's online; the application educates the users about the diversity of sex, both the pleasures and pitfalls, in a playful and adventurous way. 

Sexpedition is an application that invites adolescents to discover their own body, the intimate spots, what feels good and what does not. This way, users get to know their sexual preferences, making it easier to guide someone else when having sex and communicating personal boundaries.

Both applications are currently being further developed and will soon be tested among more adolescents with a mental disability.  

Health and Science
Project kick-off: 
June 2016
Project delivered: 
November 2016
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Beatrijs Voorneman
Emilie Tromp
Erik Kieskamp
Femke de Boer
Lotte Jacobse
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