Reframing Workshops

Introducing Reframing by doing it.

Numerous clients have asked us to conduct sessions to get their people in touch with the way of thinking and atiitudes inherent in the Reframing method. Usually these workshops are part of the research phases a project but we also deliver workshops as a seperate service. Workshops may last anywhere from half a day to an entire week depending on the aims, available time and budgets. Group sizes also range from 4 to 16 but we have also adapted the format to meet the requirements for 100 particpants. Reframing Studio will lead the participants through steps of the Reframing method working on a assignment defined by the client. The output will be a Vision, or, when time is limited, building blocks of a Vision. Lengthier workshops may result in Concepts resonant with the Vision.

Project kick-off: 
January 2006
Project delivered: 
March 2013
Framework Development
Project size: 
Project developers: 
Femke de Boer
Gijs Ockeloen
Matthijs van Dijk
Nynke Tromp
Roald Hoope
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