Upscaling Downscaling

a matter of size

Everybody is affected by organisations that grow: not only corporations but also schools, hospitals, police departments. We also witness the opposite effect: railway systems and utility providers choose or are forced to split up. Is there any rationale behind mergers, takeovers and planned growth? Are the results in line with the expectations and what does it mean for the prime target group?

"I wanted to know what the current state of affairs is in academic thinking on Scaling developments. The research provides tools to assess current scaling events in my region"
Hans Peter Benschot, Trendbureau Overijssel

What are the current academic positions concerning the motivations, the results and the effects of Up- and Downscaling.


In this project we analyzed the present context of Up- and Downscaling. Reframing Studio teamed up with Zenc to interview various researchers who investigated the subject as well as stakeholders involved in upscaling processes. We analysed the major research on the topic and answered the question Why organisations seek scaling, wheter the aims are realised, as well as how it affects users, clients and personell.


ZENC's Peter Castenmiller, Ellen Boschker and Marjolijn Minderhoud are co-authors of this project

Public design
Project kick-off: 
November 2011
Project delivered: 
December 2011
Framework Development
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Gijs Ockeloen
Roald Hoope

The report 'Schaaldynamiek: verkenning van de stand van het denken rond schaalvergroting en schaalverkleining' has been presented to the Trendbureau's program commitee.

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