Versatile stroller

Promoting a laissez faire mentality in parenting

Easywalker likes to keep things simple. The newest addition to their range of strollers will be the June, a simple, lightweight and highly versatile stroller that enables parents to experience as much freedom of movement as possible. The new June is specifically designed for parents who enjoy new experiences and like to go out and explore. People who like to raise their children with a laissez faire attitude.

How to design a stroller that feels like ‘learning to walk on your parents’ feet?

In a research study we explored the future of parenting to gain insight into the needs, motives and concerns of young parents in the future. The outcome of this study was a framework that showed four different types of parenting styles. These four types of parenting are described by the ways parents deal with responsibilities that come with parenting and their attitude to life in general. Easywalker wants to connect with one of these four styles: parents with a laissez faire attitude. People with a relaxed attitude to life, interested in new experiences and less concerned with what others think they should be. This type of parenting fits perfectly with the design philosophy of Easywalker: a no nonsense approach with a strong focus on quality and value for money. The June stroller is a new step on this path. Using the June should feel like ‘learning to walk on your parents feet,’ supporting the intuitive bond between parent and child. The June is small, light, durable and uncomplicated, always ready to be taken out on a new adventure.

Baby Innovation award
Red Dot
Project kick-off: 
January 2010
Project delivered: 
June 2011
Product Design
Project size: 
Project developers: 
Matthijs van Dijk
Michiel Boonacker
Renske Solkesz
Rick Porcelijn
Design engineering
Product design
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