Wedding rituals

choreography for exchanging rings

This beautiful project is a re/design and re/choreographing for the ritual of exchanging rings during the wedding ceremony. ‘Ringendoek’ is a take on a timeless ritual. It facillitates a loving four-handed material unfolding of the rings that ends with two ‘ring-dressed’ hands, holding each other. The fabric gradually changes from a small rings package, to a thin surface, through which the ringed hands touch and feel each other.

How can we give new meaning to the ring exchanging ritual?

‘Ringendoek’ was made in cooperation with design choreographer Sietske Klooster as an alternative for the traditional cushion, on which the rings are brought into the wedding ceremony. Ringendoek can be custom made, e.g. with the names of bride and groom, their date of marriage, with a fabric and graphic design that fits their style of clothing, and weaved in the Textielmuseum.

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Femke de Boer
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