Youth mental health centre

An open space that opens minds

The Parnassia Group is one of the biggest mental health care institutes of the Netherlands. Offering care to a broad range of people, from children to elderly, with diverse issues and vulnerabilities. One very important group are youngsters in the age 15 to 25 who experience a psychotic episode for the first time. This highly disturbing, unfamiliar and very often frightening experience should be treated as early as possible to prevent disruption (on a huge scale).

The youth mental health centre is a fusion department, focussing on this specific group of youngsters. At the starting point of this fusion, the Parnassia Group commissioned Reframing Studio to develop a vision on mental healthcare for the young. 

Together with patients, psychiatrists, psychologists, caretakers and parents, Reframing Studio studied the (future) context and developed a new framework, a vision and a series of concepts that illustrate this vision. Doing so, we not only focussed on the young people who already (have) experience(d) a first episode psychosis, we also widened our visor to those youngsters who don’t even know what a psychotic episode is and don’t have anything to do with mental health care. We created an open space that opens minds. A place where you will go for some head space (meditation, yoga, etc.) but also a place where you go for peer activities (i.e. running) or psychotherapy.

Health and Science
Project kick-off: 
June 2015
Project delivered: 
October 2015
Service Design
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Arjen Oenema
Beatrijs Voorneman
Roald Hoope
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