Creating awareness about salt consumption

Over 85% of the Dutch population eats more salt than is good for them. And unfortunately most people are unaware of it. A large part of their daily salt intake is hidden in ready-made products and food that seem free of salt, but in reality are not. A misconception that is not without consequences, since excessive salt consumption is associated with hypertension, cardiovascular disease and kidney damage.

The Dutch Kidney Foundation asked Reframing Studio to develop a variety of concepts that create awareness among Dutch people concerning their salt consumption, and inspire and empower them to change their eating habits.

In order to make this tool powerful and effective, Reframing Studio first carefully defined the desired experience the tool should bring about among the potential users. Subsequently, this experience was translated to a set of design guidelines, used to compose various ideas into concepts.

Four concepts were presented, each embodying a different way to raise awareness and enable action. In consultation with The Kidney Foundation, one concept was selected for consumer testing. Creative agency XXS Amsterdam presented the concept to several groups of respondents, by means of a radio- and print campaign that was developed exclusively for the Kidney Foundation and this project. 

After testing we optimised the concept, whereupon it was passed on to Fabrique [brands, design & interaction] for further development. Fabrique is responsible for the mayor overhaul of the Kidney Foundation's online presence as well, and did a fantastic job translating the concept into a fully functional, user-friendly web-app, that seamlessly fits the corporate identity.The Salt Meter (Zoutmeter) was launched on World Kidney Day 2015 and has been completed over 250.000 times since.

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September 2015
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March 2016
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Arjen Oenema
Beatrijs Voorneman
Erik Kieskamp
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Roald Hoope
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