Lotte Jacobse

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To Lotte, the privilege of being a designer is having the opportunity to positively influence the way people interact with each other and the world around us. The obligation that comes with that is to use this privilege in an ethical way. During her master, she developed an interest in Positive design. When designing, she aims to create and adapt to opportunities in the design context rather than solving the problems. This positive approach leads to innovative design interventions that contribute to the subjective well-being of the users by initiating meaningful activities and interactions. Extensive research is essential to understand the concerns and needs of the involved users in each project.

For her graduation project she worked together with the Delft Institute of Positive Design and the young design company Spuni, located in New York. She introduced ‘Kookid’ for early families. A product set that enriches the daily interaction context of dinner time and stimulates the subjective well-being of parents and their infants. 

Lotte graduated cum laude in April 2015 from the master ‘Design for Interaction’ at the Technical University of Delft, faculty Industrial Design.

Designer & Researcher
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