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Matthijs (1965) completed his Master degree in Mechanical Engineering as precision engineer at the University of Technology Eindhoven. Because of his interest in product design, he followed a post-doc course in consumer products at the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, University of Technology Delft. In 1992 he founded his Amsterdam based design consultancy KVD reframing.

In addition to that he accepted a part time ‘assistant professor’ position at the Delft Technical University of Technology. In 2003 he was appointed Professor Applied Design, a chair he holds until this date. Matthijs is a frequent speaker and highly regarded member of jury's and committees. He is also one of the founders and former board members of the Design and Emotion Society.

Matthijs is a thinker on methods underlying the design profession. In 2011 Matthijs and Paul Hekkert co-authored a book about the innovation method they developed at Delft University of Technology: VIP Vision in Design a guidebook for innovators. Matthijs publishes a monthly column on automotive issues in Octane magazine.

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