Reframing Studio was founded as a design and innovation consultancy in 1993, under the name of KVD Reframing and Design. We began as a business that re/designed innovative products. We matured into a company that uses design insight to impact society, and to help other organizations survive and thrive amidst ongoing societal transformation.

Our team consists of a small and dedicated group of consultants and practitioners working in the areas of product, service and policy design. We are especially skilled at opening the thinking and workflow of client organizations to enable them to generate the various outputs - products, policies, designs - appropriate to their future success.

In 2013, we rebranded as Reframing Studio to acknowledge increasing demand for our Reframing Method, and our research-forward approach to organizational environments and societal change.


Reframing Academy

March 2016, Reframing Academy was launched. Reframing Academy aims to enable commissioners, clients and citizens to cope with ‘big changes’ ahead.

By using the renowned Reframing Process, Reframing Academy inspires participants to let go of the ‘here and now’. Consequently tools will be provided in order to (re)construct the future and to anticipate transitions needed.

To attain real world transitions, a different mindset is required. Through Crash Courses, Boot Camps, Master Classes or tailor made programmes, that is exactly what Reframing Academy offers.

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The rebranding also formalizes our longstanding relationship with our reputed sister studio, the product design and mobility experts Gran Studio, based in Turin Italy.

Gran Studio was founded early 2011 by Lowie Vermeersch and a team of automotive design experts with the vision of creating a new type of design house that combines their combined vast experience in automotive design with a multidisciplinary approach. 

Gran Studio offers all the know how needed to design complete projects, from early research up to production, including design research, virtual modelling, model building and design engineering.    



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