De Aanpakker

Engaging in meaningful activities

Reframing Studio is currently involved in a design project for Parnassia Groep to help people recover from psychosis. ‘De aanpakker’ is one of the three outcomes of this project: a very simple but effective intervention designed to help people recovering from psychosis to take on new activities . The small sticker next to your doorbell indicates that you are willing to receive packages for you neighbours. The sticker comes with a booklet with instructions (e.g. “what to do when your neighbour does not come to pick up the package?”). This small gesture can be the first step in the development of new meaning and purpose in one’s life and promotes social interaction with neighbours. 

‘De aanpakker’ was succesfully tested during a one-month pilot with Post NL

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April 2015
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April 2015
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Beatrijs Voorneman
Nynke Tromp
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