Reclaiming the streets for children

Kindlint literally means 'childroute'. A Kindlint is a safe and fun corridor especially developed to enable children to be more independent while keeping them safe. Kindlint is a joint initiative of different organizations. Together with SOAB we came up with the (trademarked) idea and designed a toolbox for creating a Kindlint, in existing as well as new situations.

How can we teach children autonomy while keeping them safe?

In The Netherlands there has been a gradual trend towards the loss of the street as an environment for children. In recent years more car traffic and increasing worries about safety have hampered childrens’ independence. In the Netherlands 70% of all children are brought to school everyday. Experts say the transition has not only contributed to the rise in pollution, traffic congestion and childhood obesity, but has also hampered children’s ability to navigate the world.

Kindlint aims to solve the conflict parents feel between teaching children autonomy and keeping them safe by reclaiming the streets for children. The idea of Kindlint is to create marked trails that connect different locations relevant for children in a neighbourhood. Trails can be marked by signs, objects, tracks, safe crossings etc. Children of different ages can move independently along these trails.

 Creating a new trail is a shared effort that can only be successful when there is a strong belief that space for children on the streets is vital to neighborhood life. The big challenge of implementing new trail is to work with children, communities and local governments to address problems that impede children from walking or biking to school or playing on the streets. Based on a specific situations we design solutions that fit the local context.

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January 2012
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January 2012
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Gijs Ockeloen
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